A Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Small Business
Due to increased demand for our products and the ongoing supply shortages and shipping constraints, new clients and orders may be delayed.


Our Approach

We don’t do business in the traditional way. And we aren’t consultants with a lot of upfront fluff or charges. We simply want to provide you with a customized innovative solution to meet your outdoor vending needs. Period.

We actually do everything with YOU in mind!

Currently, we are under strict non-disclosure agreements with these companies but check back here often to see pictures and descriptions of these projects once they are deployed.

Firewood Vending Machine
Propane Vending Machine

Our Story

People are looking for quick, efficient, and cashless ways to purchase propane, wood, charcoal, cases of water, or anything you sell that fits into the compartment.

Unfortunately, the majority of the outdoor vending solutions on the market today are slow, inefficient, need at least part-time supervision from your employees, and require a protracted purchase experience.

We saw this an opportunity and our passion to meet it led to the creation of OUTDOOR VENDING SOLUTIONS. Now you have the ability to provide your customers with a quick, efficient, and cashless solution.

Our outdoor vending solutions are modular, customizable, rugged, cashless, and have real-time management and tracking. And they’re easily scalable.

For large orders which require systems with additional functional requirements or sizing, we can make custom kiosks to exactly fit your needs and have the manufacturing capabilities to meet your demand.

Located in Granbury, Texas, OUTDOOR VENDING SOLUTIONS is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. We pride ourselves on providing a superior product, with unmatched reliability, at a fair price. We fully stand behind our patented products and always provide timely and professional service.

Note: We have the ONLY UL Certified Hazardous Location and Outdoor Vending Machine on the market… and it’s fully ADA Compliant.

Meet the Team

John Agor

Co-Founder & CEO

Len Halsey

Co-Founder & Chief Problem Slayer

Billy Jowers

YODA-Level Coder & Developer

If you’re looking for a custom solution to your outdoor vending needs, call us at (682) 205-3182 or Email Us and we’ll get right back with you..