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Propane Vending Machines

The only true modular propane dispenser on the market

  • Rugged, durable all-weather construction.
  • Cashless payment system.
  • Real-time Management and Tracking.
  • The system can be sized to fit the available space and demand and vend up to the legal limit for co-located propane cylinder storage (72 to 84 cylinders).
  • Only 14.25 inches deep so in many cases it can be installed in a store front while still maintaining ADA access requirements without alteration.
  • Programmed and sized so that it meets ADA vending requirements as well.
  • Two way communication to remotely take control of machine and monitor operations (additional cost).
Propane Vending Unit
Propane Vending Unit

Rugged, durable, all-weather construction with a cashless payment system

  • This Solution provides the quickest and easiest way to exchange or purchase a full propane cylinder on the market, at a superior price point, and with the lowest operating costs.
  • Proven to dramatically increase propane cylinder exchanges while eliminating employee involvement.
  • Allows for 24 hours sales 365 days a year.
  • Increases foot traffic to your store and can easily increase total store sales as a result.

NOTE: Propane Vending Machines are producing 100% ROI (Return on Investment) within 6 to 18 months depending on the location.


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