WS_10 Purtis Creek

This system is perfect for someone already in the firewood business and in close proximity to State or National parks or any other large scale camping operations

  • The system can be sized to fit the available space and demand and can currently vend up 79 compartments.
  • The machine structure is extremely robust constructed of all steel, galvanized and powder coated.
  • Options include 3G or 4G cellular connection for the POS system, encrypted card swipe or EMV chip readers with all available methods of contactless payment.
  • Two way communication via an onboard cellular router is also available to remotely take control of the system for sales, remote software updates, system monitoring and override.

Provides 24-hour a day sales, 365 days a year!

This Solution is the quickest and easiest way to provide outdoor sales on the market at a superior price point and with the lowest operating costs.

  • Proven to dramatically increase profits while eliminating employee involvement.
  • Allows for 24 hours sales 365 days a year with no worry of product theft.

NOTE:  WOOD SHAX is producing 100% ROI (Return on Investment) within 12 to 18 months.


Our current model is simple

  • We contract with the State Wildlife and Parks Department who oversees the state parks or the Friends Group for the State Park and provide enough systems to meet the demand and available space.
  • The State Park provides the electricity and outlet or an appropriate area suitable for our solar-powered machines.
  • We install the machines, maintain them and keep them filled.
  • Our POS system allows us real-time sales data so we know when they are running low and can refill them before they are empty.
  • For this, we pay 10% of the monthly gross (before taxes) and provide the required liability insurance.

Firewood Sales

  • For those of you who sell firewood by the cord at between $200 and $450 a cord (depending on the part of the country you operate in and the prevailing prices) or bundles of firewood to storefronts at $2 to $3 a .75 cu ft bundle.
  • This model allows for vastly increased profit levels as our per cord price works out to about $1200.
  • We sell 18” long small split, all oak firewood sourced within 50 miles of the park or kiln dried if the wood is sourced from distances farther than 50 miles.

How We Do It

  • We sell in 2 cu ft volume bags and .75 cu ft bundles… the bags outsell the bundles by about 5 to 1.
  • It is a premium product available on site, all the time and well worth the price.
  • During burn bans, we sell covered propane and charcoal camp grills, charcoal, cases of water and propane camp stove refill bottles.
  • This Outdoor Vending Solution is perfect for enhancing your current firewood business or building a new business model around a wide variety of outdoor vending opportunities.

Next Steps...

If you're looking for a custom solution to your outdoor vending needs, call us at (682) 205-3182 or Email Us and we'll get right back with you.